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Reasons Why Many OFW Remains Poor

Are you a Filipino working outside the Philippines? What country are you working right now? Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) from Saudi, UAE, Oman (Middle East) Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Canada…all over the world. First let me salute you. The sad fact is, there is still many OFW who are chained to debts and poverty. […]

10 Tips to Avoid Offloading at NAIA

Offloading is an occurrence at Philippine airports that cause fear and anger among Filipino travelers going abroad. Offloading is the process of barring a traveler — tourist, overseas Filipino worker or a person with hold departure order — from leaving the Philippines. The cause of offloading may vary from insufficient documentation to security risk at intended […]

What are the differences between Limited and Unlimited Contract in UAE

In the UAE, there are two types of labour contract, first is Limited Contract and the other one is Unlimited Contract. It’s important to know which contract you have as the legal rights and entitlements between the two are different. So what’s the difference between Limited and Unlimited Contract in the UAE Law? Limited, or “Fixed-Term”, […]

300 AED fine for sleeping in the Metro!

As Gulf News reports, a US student, who visited her parents in Dubai recently, boarded Dubai Metro from Khalid Bin Waleed station. She dozed off and went past Ibn Battuta station where she was supposed to get off. A ticketing inspector woke her up at Jebel Ali station, after the last south-bound stop on the […]

Employer Caught in Act Molesting Filipina Domestic Helper

A Filipina Domestic Helper has recorded a video of her employer embracing and touching her while she was washing dishes in a kitchen. Based on videos posted on TULFO News Facebook Page, the Filipina was doing her duties while the man was molesting different parts of her body. The Filipina kept resisting the abuse while her […]