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Good News! 5,000 Job Openings in New Zealand for all Filipino! Almost 100k Monthly Salary!

Up to 5,000 workers or skilled workers are needed in New Zealand, according to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). New Zealanders are in-demand for carpenters, masons, farm workers, scaffolders and other construction related workers. New Zealand job orders: Carpenter 1928 Mason 499 Farm worker 427 Fitter tire / tech 397 Scaffolder 361 Driver 329 […]

Good News! You can Exit without paying any Over Stay Fine!

We are here to impart news for all of our readers, and the good news is that you can exit or return to your Home countries without paying your overstay fines and also you will not direct to Police or any other Security Department (Prisons). You will be directly sent back to your home countries […]

Good News! Part Time Jobs are now legal in UAE!

Due to Low salary and some financial issues many of us want to earn some extra cash, we are going to write few lines regarding “How to work part time in UAE legally”? Let us clear that the (MOHRE) Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation allows you to go for a part-time job by obtaining a […]

You can be detained and deported if you do this in UAE

UAE is one of the most prominent country in the world that establish its reputation of being a haven for millions of nationalities who want to try their luck and help their families on their own countries. UAE is also one of the countries that put a high standard of law and expect that their […]

Getting Visit Visa for Filipinos is will be more stricter!

Getting Visit Visa for Filipinos is will be more stricter! UAE and Philippine governments are now in talks to sign an agreement that would address the misuse of the visit visa program, Ambassador Constancio R. Vingo, Jr said during an interview. “The two governments are now talking to address this problem,” said Vingno. “And hopefully, […]