OFW In Dubai Beheaded Relative Because of Money!

Dubai Police have solved the mysterious case of a headless woman found near University Road in Al Warqa in May.

The woman has been identified as Manormeeta Salwaro Dadi, a national of the Philippines who was employed as a maid. According to officials, she had absconded from her sponsor seven days before her death.


Police managed to identify the woman despite the fact that her torso was discovered with no head, hands or legs. To do so, investigators checked into 9,750 absconded maids and conducted a DNA test.

The suspect, identified as J.A.S.S., worked as a butcher in the UAE and was a relative of the victim, Maria Normita Salwaro Dadi, 46, who was a housemaid in Abu Dhabi, said Dubai Police Chief Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina.

Al Mazeina said that J.A.S.S. had borrowed Dh10,000 from the victim. The Filipino killed his relative when she wouldn’t stop asking him to repay her in May. On the day of the incident, he allegedly drove to Abu Dhabi to meet her, then convinced her to come with him in the car. He then drove her to a deserted area where he killed her.

Al Mazeina said that investigators worked hard to identify the victim and trace the murder suspect.

“It took a lot of investigative work to identify the woman, as we did not have her fingerprints or face. We had to go through the list of absconding workers, working one by one, and finally we matched her DNA. The list had 9,751 names,” he said.

Source :VkGulf News, Expat Media, The Khaleej Times, Radyo Inquirer

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